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Welcome To SIM Portland

Welcome to the Portland Chapter of the Society for Information Management (SIM)

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Join us May 13th from 1pm to 5pm for a special monthly meeting: 

Adding Power to your Leadership

Presented by:
 Workshop: 1pm - 5pm, Social Hour: 5pm - 6:30pm

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Please join us for a special half-day interactive leadership seminar with two esteemed aviators. Our facilitators, from John Foley, Inc., will present a proven path to high performance through a framework called Diamond Performance®.  They engage corporate audiences around the world more than 70 times a year through keynote speeches and training programs.

It is a message that can spark life-altering changes, regardless of the circumstances and challenges you face. It is a message that will help you push aside the crippling fear of uncertainty and embrace the one thing you must do in tough times: Become the solution.


What You Will Get

  • A high-energy 4-hour presentation.
  • Video clips featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes, adrenaline-pumping footage of the Blue Angels in action.

  • Experiential exercises with follow-up Q&A sessions

What You’ll Learn

  • How to develop clarity, focus, commitment and trust.

  • How buy-in and commitment for a team’s vision leads to clarity that drives execution.

  • How learning to focus prepares individuals for action and increases successful outcomes.

  • The importance of developing trust and respect among team members, and proven ways for teams to achieve deeper levels of trust.

  • How to apply the Glad To Be Here mindset to every aspect of business and life.

  • Practical ways to incorporate gratitude into your daily routine.


Registration is open to both SIM members and non-members. 

For more information about John Foley, Inc. click here

For a video featuring last year’s seminar at Seattle SIM, click here





Former Commanding Officer,

Blue Angels

Greg “Boss” Wooldridge is the only commanding officer to lead The Blue Angels for three separate tours. He was first selected because of his demonstrated ability to build teams where communication, trust & teamwork took precedence over rank and status. His heart-driven approach proved a perfect match for the Blue Angel’s culture of excellence, and he was called back to lead 2 more teams through times of difficult transition.


Since his success with the Blues, Greg has been inspired to share his methods in order to empower individuals and teams on their journey toward High Performance.




Former TOPGUN Instructor,

Naval Aviation Leader 

Mike’s career is the stuff of dreams. As a child, he could be often found moving down the hallway with his five model aircraft carriers. When he became Director of Air Warfare at the Pentagon, Mike McCabe oversaw mega budgets of $31 billion per year in resources to support over 4000 aircraft, 12,000 naval aviators 60,000 personnel, and of course, 12 full-size aircraft carriers. Mike’s passion for leadership took root during his term as an instructor at the renowned Navy Fighter Weapons School, aka TOPGUN. Blending his extensive command experience and TOPGUN best practice, Mike McCabe has created an approach to leadership that is compelling, current and truly one of a kind.





With additional supported from:                                           

Regional Leadership Forum

Learn more about RLF

SIM's Regional Leadership Forum (RLF) is an intensive, ten-month leadership development program focused on creating authentic leaders. Since 1992 over 3500 graduates and more than 300 sponsors have found RLF the key to developing leadership effectiveness.

We are now actively recruiting for the class of 2013. We encourage you to take advantage of the early bird pricing, which ends Nov. 30, 2012. 


Register on SIM National's site


Watch the following 3-minute YouTube RLF video and you will hear, RLF is a life changing experience!

Your facilitator team is Bob Rouse and Ed Trainor, giving you a strong combination of practitioner and academic with tons of leadership experience.

To give you greater insight into RLF, we are hosting a Virtual Taste of RLF :
For more information contact:

Current plans have the 2013 dates/locations as follows:
  • March 12-13, 2013, Seattle
  • April 23-24, 2013, Portland
  • June 11-12, 2013, Seattle
  • July 23-24, 2013, Portland
  • September 3-4, 2013, Seattle
  • October 15-16, 2013, Portland

RLF Fees

Who Before
Dec.1, 2012
Nov.30, 2012
SIM Member $7,750 $8,250
Non-SIM Member $8,350 $8,850
All prices include admission to SIMposium 2013 in Boston.
An additional $995 value.

Hear why Brian Irvine, Vice President, Chief Information Officer at Unitus Community Credit Union, values RLF


We Asked for Your Support . . . And You Responded!

In partnership with the Business Education Compact, 63 SIM-PDX representatives teamed with our scholarship recipients and other students from OSU, OIT, UofP, and WSU-Vancouver to present information about IT careers to 2,744 middle and high school students in 82 classes. Many thanks to our volunteers and, in particular, to Pradeep Kumar for championing this worthwhile program on behalf of the Chapter. 


Your 2015-2016 Board Members


President: David Kaplin

President Elect: Pradeep Kumar

Secretary: Bud Borja

Treasurer: Wilfred Wu

Assistant Treasurer: Alicia Anderson

Education Director: Jay Compton

Events Director: Lisa Harper

Marketing Director: Dana Jiacoletti

Membership Director: Mark Wehrmeister

Program Director: Bill Ketrenos