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Welcome to the Portland Chapter of the Society for
Information Management (SIM)

Join us February 10th for our monthly meeting and Student Night

How computing will change everything. Again!

The historical, monumental impact of computing will be dwarfed by what it will make possible in the next decade. Computing has already transformed the modern world. Without it there would be no smartphones, no in-car navigation, and no Internet. And many of the products that we take for granted just wouldn’t exist. Modern consumer goods are imagined, designed, tested and manufactured using computers. But the true impact of computing is yet to come. 

The exponential evolution of computing will create more value and more disruption in the next decade than in the last half century. It will fuel a total rethinking of human mobility, work, and leisure. It will even change the nature of the objects that fill our lives.

As a former futurist for Intel Corporation, Steve Brown understands the profound impact that computing will have on the world in the coming decades.

In this talk Steve explains how computing will disrupt almost every industrial sector from agriculture to retail, and from entertainment to healthcare. Existing businesses will be disrupted. Titans will fall. New entrants will emerge. And most importantly, incredible new value will be created for people.

Leaders is every industry need to understand the continued disruptive power of computing and how it will alter the way companies create value, design, build and sell products, services and experiences in the next decade. 

Using examples from a wide range of industries Steve helps audiences understand what to expect in the coming 10-15 years including more about:
  • Robotics and self-driving cars
  • Blended Reality

  • Making the most of the Internet of Things
  • Smart Objects and Intelligent Spaces
  • Deep learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Personalized Medicine, Precision
  • Agriculture and Smart Stores

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Steve Brown is an accomplished keynote speaker, writer, strategist, and executive coach. In his prior position as Futurist at Intel Corporation, Steve helped Fortune 500 companies understand the impact computing will have in the coming decade and the opportunity that will present them.  
 Steve is regularly sought by the media to provide insight and analysis on “what’s next” and has been featured on BBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV, ABC News, Wired, WSJ:Digits, CBS, and many more media outlets.

As CEO of Possibility and Purpose, LLC, Steve now combines his understanding of technology, business, ecosystem, demographic, and human trends to help companies understand the possibilities of the future. Using straightforward language, compelling visuals, and memorable stories, Brown decodes the future for his audiences and helps them understand how computing will provide them with incredible opportunity for innovation, differentiation, and value creation.

Steve regularly consults with a wide spectrum of companies and organizations spanning the transportation, retail, healthcare, media and entertainment sectors.

Steve has over 25 years of experience in the high tech sector spanning research, engineering, marketing, manufacturing, management, and communications. He holds both bachelors and masters degrees in Micro-electronic Systems Engineering from Manchester University.
Steve was born in the U.K. and became a U.S. citizen in 2008. He lives with his fiancée in Portland, Oregon.

5:15 PM     Registration and Social
6:20 PM     Dinner
6:45 PM     Scholarship Recognition
7:00 PM   Keynote Presentations

Regional Leadership Forum

SIM's Regional Leadership Forum (RLF) is an intensive, ten-month leadership development program focused on creating authentic leaders. Since 1992 over 3500 graduates and more than 300 sponsors have found RLF the key to developing leadership effectiveness.

We are now actively recruiting for the class of 2013. We encourage you to take advantage of the early bird pricing, which ends Nov. 30, 2012.

Watch the following 3-minute YouTube RLF video and you will hear, RLF is a life changing experience!

Your facilitator team is Bob Rouse and Ed Trainor, giving you a strong combination of practitioner and academic with tons of leadership experience.

To give you greater insight into RLF, we are hosting a Virtual Taste of RLF :

For more information contact:
Society for Information
Management Portland Chapter

Your 2015-2016 Board Members

President: David Kaplin
President Elect: Pradeep Kumar
Secretary: Bud Borja
Treasurer: Wilfred Wu Assistant
Treasurer: Alicia Anderson
Education Director: Jay Compton
Events Director: Lisa Harper
Marketing Director: Dana Jiacoletti
Membership Director: Mark Wehrmeister
Program Director: Bill Ketrenos

We Asked for Your Support...
And You Responded!

In partnership with the Business Education Compact, 63 SIM-PDX representatives teamed with our scholarship recipients and other students from OSU, OIT, UofP, and WSU-Vancouver to present information about IT careers to 3,727 middle and high school students in 121 classes. Many thanks to our volunteers and, in particular, to Pradeep Kumar for championing this worthwhile program on behalf of the Chapter.